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I’m Jason Turner, I help people go into business for themselves while working from home. There are thousands of ways to make money from home and I can:

♦ Help you go from Idea to Implementation
♦ Show you how to start a business with less than $500
♦ Teach you how to expand an existing home business

I take a unique approach to coaching, mixing business coaching with pure consulting. Why? Because there are times that coaching will only get you so far. Sometimes you just need someone to show you how to do it.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with small business owners, non-profits, actual rock stars, salespeople, entrepreneurs, coaches, real estate agents, car salespeople, insurance agents, MLMs, and veterans – and I can help you. Let’s get started today!

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What If You Hate Marketing? Three Easy Examples To Love.

What If You Hate Marketing? Three Easy Examples To Love. (via Right Hand Planning)

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Mr Bouvier told Jhaqueil that even if he was offered the Dairy Queen gig, he would double his salary if he came to work for him at PapArt Bouvier Man spots Jhaqueil Reagan walking 10 miles job interview gives job

How dedicated are you when it comes to your business?

I recently stumbled across this story about a kid who literally was walking 10 miles through snow and ice to get to a job interview to earn minimum wage. Now most of us would find that unbelievable and would think that person is crazy for going through all that trouble just to get a job at Dairy Queen. What that tells me is that kid is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He didn't have enough money to catch the bus, and I would also guess that this young man isn't on social media either. Had he been, he may have tried to network with friends and family to locate himself a job that was closer to home. However this story has a silver lining.

Man walks 10 miles for job interview

What are you willing to do to help yourself grow or start your own business? Would you go door to door to ensure you have publicity? Did you know that Jason at Peak Mindset helps people just like the gentleman in the story everyday?  Leave your comments below on this story.

Open For Business!

Peak Mindset Coaching Goes To Pinterest For Business Ideas!

Recently, I converted my personal Pinterest account into a business account for Peak Mindset because there is a lot of potential. For anybody who has a little time and wants to be crafty, Pinterest is a hot bed for ideas. Honestly, I never thought I would see so much potential with this site but boy was I wrong. Aside from the high quality photos, jokes, and various crafts, there are many benefits to those looking to make money.

For anyone looking to start a business, this is a great avenue to do so. If you haven't had a chance to check out this hugely popular site, now is the time to get it.

Time Vortex

Be warned you can get sucked in for hours and hours like I did at first because there are so many facinating things to explore.

Exploring Ideas

I recently spoke to a coaching client of mine who was looking for extra income and possibly a way to start a new business. We talked and interestingly enough she hadn't been to the site in a long time and didn't really know what all the hype was. She laughed at me because its not everyday you hear a 34 year old guy get excited about a predominately female geared site.

How it works

So I started explaining all the wonderful things that could be done with Pinterest since she is extremely crafty. To make a short story long, use the categories and/or search for DIY projects. As you search through the 1000's of random things that blow my mind as to what you can do, find things that you feel you can make and enjoy, that people would pay money for. Pick a few items and give it a try and start to explore the endless possibilities that Pinterest can offer. If you would like help coming up with more ways that Pinterest can help you grow or create business for you, feel free to contact Peak Mindset Coaching. Comment on this article if you have had experience making money or know somebody who has had success on Pinterest.

Logo infographic

Color Psychology in Logo Design

Creating a logo can be tough and trust us we know. Peak Mindset Coaching has helped dozens of small businesses create logos and we have had several logo renovations ourselves. This is a very helpful infographic on the color psychology in logo design. So if you are about to start a new endeavor or possibly wanting to revamp your company image, this will assist you.

yesterday you said tomorrow

What are you waiting for?


We have Mondays and the first day of twelve months to signal a beginning. I can relate to these times as a fresh start to begin working towards a goal. It's only October and I would be willing to bet that when it comes to a healthier lifestyle, someone, somewhere is planning to make a change January 1, 2013 – the traditional New Year resolution. Really? Why not start today, right now, to do something you know will improve your quality of life?

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